2013 Presenters (so far):

Sindarian and slave ciara We began our journey in 2004; in August of 2005 we committed to live our life together as Master and slave. Our journey so far has been full of happiness and sorrow, new opportunities for growth and education but most of all just enjoying life with our family of choice. We live amid the cornfields of Southeastern Illinois with our herd of cats and feline abused dog, but call the Hoosier State our home within the kink and leather communities.

We are:

2011/2012 Indiana Master & slave.

Co-Founders - MAsT:Evansville, IN

MAsT:Evansville Chapter Director - Sindarian

MAsT: Evansville Secretary/Treasurer – ciara

MAsT Asst Regional Rep - Great Lakes Region - Sindarian

Members - Evansville Munch Bunch

Board Member – Evansville Munch Bunch – Sindarian

Events Committee – Evansville Munch Bunch - ciara

Members - Terre Haute Munch Group

Fetlife Indiana Newbie Sponsors

Recipient of the Group Volunteer of the Year Award – PXS 2012 - ciara

We are the founders and owners of the House of Sindarian, having nine members in addition to ourselves. We advocate education, personal and spiritual growth within the lifestyle and service to the community, while upholding the principals of the House’s founding which are Honesty, Trust, Honor and Love.We have presented at Terre Haute Munch, Evansville Munch Bunch, Night at the Castle, Bloomington Kink, MAsT:Evansville, IMAS, NLA-Indy, Lafayette Alternative Lifestyles and Louisville Whip Club. We are honored to be presenting this year at GLLA and Labor Day Libertine.

Loki has been called by the Horned One in many forms since 1994. First called to Herne, then Cernunnos and, since 2002, has served as a Child of and Priest of Pan. He also currently serves as one of the Keepers of Pan's Shrine and Temple at Our Haven Nature Sanctuary. Initiate of two Wiccan Traditions and Creator/High Priest of three Neo-Pagan Traditions, he sees his path as a Shamanic Neo-Pagan Evangelist. He currently works to educate and share ecstatic worship through Tribus Solvo's Public Revels. 

An advocate for sexual freedom and avid educator and presenter in multiple areas of Alternative Lifestyles for over 15 years, he works fervently to educate on Polyamory, Kink and Paganism. His service to the Kink and Poly communities include multiple featured and guest speaker appearances as well as acting as the Organizer of the Indy Poly Meetup since 2006 and the Organizer for Labor Day Libertine/Jeweled Lotus since 2009.

Working constantly to serve the Pagan community, he has been a speaker on multiple occasions and is a public figure and occasional media contact in Indianapolis. He started Horn & Honey in 2010, has been the Local Coordinator for eleven Indy Pagan Pride Days since 2000, as well as the Chairman of Indianapolis Pagan Pride, Inc, since 2004. He is also acting as Project Manager for Aether Hill -- an initiative at Our Haven Nature Sanctuary to develop low-forest-impact walking trails and campsites with minimal flora disturbance.

MishiK has been living Poly for that last 5+years. She has presented on several Poly topics at Labor Day Libertine as well as a guest speaker on various Poly panels at other events.

mir/allatwitter is a masochistic submissive with slave-like tendencies. She has been practicing polyamory for 7 years and BDSM for 5.  She believes that alternative lifestyles are great catalysts for self-discovery and growth because they encourage even the most obvious choices to be made with thoughtful and clear intent. She is one of the organizers for the Indy Poly Meetup Group, a participant and presenter at local kink/sexual education events in Indianapolis, and is administratively enslaved to Labor Day Libertine.  She is looking forward to sharing her own experiences and learning how BDSM contributes to the growth of other bottoms.

Dr. Michael aka Michael138, aka me, has been interested in BDSM for almost 30 years, but only recently started becoming part of the community instead of only playing with my wife and assistant tessa-. We practised bondage, light impact play, and some D/s for years, but about 1 year ago we went to a kink event, and it was life changing. There we were exposed to this wonderful medical invention from a bigone era, the Violet wand. Since then we have been to many classes and have done many demos spreading the word far and wide of the kinky possiblities of the wand and the wonderful sensations it can give. I am a service top by nature, a sadist by choice, and an orgasm donor for the pure kink of it. Ask me anything and I will answer, even if I have no clue what I am talking about.

Kris Growing up in her family’s lingerie shop Kris learned everyone is different and that’s a good thing. Selling leather she learned different covers a lot of territory. Learning she liked being a sub after 7 years of childhood sexual abuse has caused a lot of growing, some of it painful. She has been bi since birth, switch since she figured it out, and poly for as long as she has dated.

Dear1 has been consciously and actively involved in both the Kink & Pagan communities for 13 years. She is an active member of KISS (Kinky Indiana Slaves/Submissives/Switches) and was recently elected to their steering committee. Her desire to help little-letter-people recognize their full potential has led her to present workshops and lead discussion groups at events all across the Midwest. She also serves as den mother for local and regional leather contests. She has written erotic stories for several electronic publications and has recently begun working as a fetish model.

Kelevhqadesh and Panthea Maenad are both a married and working couple - working magickally and in various alternative lifestyles for the past twelve years. Their primary emphasis is the qadishti priesthood having hosted multiple convocations and festivals and discussed the subject at Global Con at the University of Cincinnati in 2005. They emphasize shared priesthood, egalitarian relationship, and liberating sacred sexuality from expensive programs reaching a few to free and inexpensive ones reaching many as their birthright. They have also explored edge play through a Mesoamerican cultural matrix, reinvigorating rites of the Maya and Aztecs and also through medical fetishism in protracted scenes.
Sanctuary of Venus Eryicina:
This sanctuary dedicated to Venus Erycina is the first in the New World encouraging the practice of sacred sexuality and sexual freedom. The original that served a similar purpose was founded well over twenty-three hundred years ago and held by Carthaginians, Greeks and Romans. For more information, contact and join us at